Current BirdLife Australia campaigns

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Stop important habitat from going up in smoke

BirdLife Australia welcomes the Victorian Government’s decision to review the State’s planned burning program. The review, to be conducted by Victoria’s Inspector-General for Emergency Services, Mr Tony Pearce, will examine whether the program’s effectiveness should be measured by the number of hectares burnt each year (hectare-based) or by the impact the program has on bushfire risk to life, property and biodiversity (risk-based).

Please show your support for a more strategic approach to bushfire management in Victoria by signing our e-petition.


Sign on to our campaign to stop the destruction of important Regent Honeyeater habitat

The Lower Hunter IBA provides one of the last remaining refuges in the Hunter for threatened woodland birds, including the Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeater and Endangered Swift Parrot. However, the most important single site within this IBA – the Tomalpin Woodlands – is threatened by industrial development for the Hunter Economic Zone.

Join the BirdLife campaign in calling on Cessnock Council and the NSW and Federal Governments to urgently protect this important habitat.



A Plea To Our Banks: please don’t fund destruction

BirdLife Australia has united with a coalition of charities representing over 2.2 million Australians to call on Australia’s ‘Big Four’ banks to rule out investment in controversial coal mines and port projects in Queensland that will destroy the habitat of globally endangered species of birds.

Sign the petition calling on the big banks to distance themselves from these destructive developments


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